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Akwete Association in the United States of America and how it all began

The idea of organizing Akwete Association was born as a result of various visits and conversations held with Mrs. Sonia Udechuku Ewo, Mrs. Blessing Adewumi, Ms. Edith Chuta, Mr. Victor C. Akparanta, Mrs. Adline Akparanta, Rev. Dr. Chima K. Ekeke and Mrs. Nena Kingston-Ekeke.  The idea was later brought to the knowledge of other Akwete indigenes living in Atlanta, Georgia and they include,  Mr. Rollinson George, Mr. Dwayne Ajieren, Mr. Chris Bienue and Mr. Dave Ajieren. 

The Akwete Association was officially birthed in October 2001 during the late Nigeria’s Highlife Music icon, Chief Osita Osadebe’s final hit jamboree in Atlanta.  Rev. Ekeke was instrumental in organizing all the Akwete citizens living in Atlanta to attend Osadebe’s concert and at that event, all unanimously agreed to begin the first meeting at Rev. Ekeke’s residence the following month.

But before Atlanta chapter was officially started in November, 2001, Ms. Edith Chuta in the late 90’s single handedly organized and published Akwete NMANMA NU – IYAA newsletter updating names of Akwete families in USA with insightful information about Akwete and beyond. 

Today, Akwete Association is not only a national Association but an international one.  We are proud of elders like Mrs. Sonia Udechuku Ewo and Mrs. Theresa Adewumi for their inspiration.  And the visionary, Dr. Emeka Moses Ekeke, without his tremendous encouragement and support, we would have given up long time ago.  Others include the leadership of Mr. Esiaba Stanley and the enthusiasm of Late Mrs. Gloria Onwuka among many others.  We are also grateful that this association has brought us together today including our brother from Australia, Dr. Cidi Olujie, who is an international member.


Who We Are

Akwete National Association, USA Incorporated is primarily a cultural, social and development organization of Akwete citizens in the North America.  Akwete Association, USA is not a political organization nor subscribes to any political or religious affiliation. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, recognize and foster good relationship and unity of Akwete indigenes living in the United States of America and beyond and to remind all Akwetians and their families of our common responsibility, purpose and destiny as one people.  Akwete Association, USA exits to promote Akwete cultural heritage and to enlighten our host country about the richness and uniqueness of our people, culture, art and craft.


Our Objective

To foster unity and genuine relationship amongst all  Akwetains   living in the North America and to promote information sharing and to support one another prayerfully,  morally and financially in times of crisis and challenges.


Brief History of Akwete Town

Akwete is located about 18 Kilometers Northeast of the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt and about 20 Kilometers Southeast of the commercial city of Aba. Akwete Township is easily approachable by land, sea and also by air through the International Airport in Port Harcourt. This township is principally an unknown international tourist attraction. This is changing fast as the serene secret that is Akwete, is daily spotlighted; the weaving of the female folks has been the focus of buyers of fine hand and loom woven cloths for years, from Europe and Asia.

"Southern hospitality," should be another name for Akwete--you feel it in the air as soon as you cross the boundaries into the community, some say it is the cold breeze that blows through the town every couple of minutes, from the major river--NTUBU RIVER, some town’s people call it God's own central air. Of very rich culture and tradition, Akwete embodies the best of Rivers State of Nigeria and a uniqueness that is personified.

Akwete, did not exist, but by word of mouth, till the 15th century. It is believed that the Patriarch of the village, belonged to party that migrated from the ancient and powerful kingdom of Benin. Were it not for constant intertribal wars and their desire for a peaceful land--this serene land may never have been given birth to.  These early Fathers and Mothers, may have truly made a southern voyage, slam into present day Rivers State of Nigeria--in-fact, tarried long, because, Akwete indigenes and their and kin folks all over the area that is known as Ndoki land, Ukwa East LGA, of present day Abia State of Nigeria, have the exact culture and tradition of the Rivers State indigenes of Nigeria.

By Rollinson George


1.  The Late Mr. M. K. E. George, Author of "AKWETE AT A GLANCE"

2.  Mr. Chibor Akparanta



  July 2020  
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