Who We Are

Akwete National Association, USA Incorporated is primarily a cultural, social and development organization of Akwete citizens in the North America.  Akwete Association, USA is not a political organization nor subscribes to any political or religious affiliation. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, recognize and foster good relationship and unity of Akwete indigenes living in the United States of America and beyond and to remind all Akwetians and their families of our common responsibility, purpose and destiny as one people.  Akwete Association, USA exits to promote Akwete cultural heritage and to enlighten our host country about the richness and uniqueness of our people, culture, art and craft.


Our Objective

To foster unity and genuine relationship amongst all  Akwetains   living in the North America and to promote information sharing and to support one another prayerfully,  morally and financially in times of crisis and challenges.


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  July 2020  
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